Love Handles

So I was just sitting in my home office, drinking my coffee and caught a glimpse of a great photo op!  Of course I was thinking about my hubby who has been gone for 5 weeks promoting in San Francisco and wanted to surprise him with an image!  I’m thinking of doing a whole line of them and calling it, ‘Love Handles”, HAHA!!  Hilarious.

I used my desk lamp for the lighting on the right side, but this left the left side pitch black.  I set up a tripod and did a 20 second exposure at f/20 and ISO 100.  During the 20 seconds, I ran a flashlight up and down the right side of the glass for only a couple seconds to give it just a tiiiny bit of light to show the rest of the lipstick.  LoL, the things I do when I have a couple hours of free time…

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