The Fun Stuff:

Nothing beats going on a random photo shoot adventure.
My cats, Carmela & KittyPants, are adorable – and crazy.
I believe that nights should end with a nice glass of good wine.
In Iraq, I had a pet lizard named Squirt!  He made war easier…
Every Father / Daughter dance, I secretly get choked up…  🙂
Painting my nails is fun between rounds of XBOX: Call of Duty.
I collect shot glasses during my world travels – Last count: 157
I adore my friends & family! They’re the greatest in the world…
When it comes to sushi, I don’t think I could ever eat too much.
I never leave the house without my Canon 5D Mark II & tripod.
My hubby Jeff is my biggest fan. He’s a cutie & SO hilarious!!

Oh!  I’m a total tomboy – if it means getting the photograph, I am not above climbing trees, wading through mud, crawling around, diving or risking severe bodily harm.  Guaranteed.  🙂

The Nitty-Gritty:
Sarah Lee, owner of Sarah Lee Photography, is a member of the National Association for Photoshop Professionals and is fluent in Adobe PhotoShop.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Technology in Visual Communication with a focus in photography and graphic design, a minor in Business, and an Associate of Arts from Bowling Green State University.  Sarah is a veteran, a seven year member of the United States Army and is very hardworking, detail oriented, polite and respectful to her clients and their loved ones.  She is excited to use both her high-level education and years of hands-on experience to bring you exceptional quality, as well as unique creativity.

An Interview with Sarah Lee…

What makes you stand out?

I think what separates me from the rest is my personality. I believe a photographer should be confident but not cocky, mature and motivated, creative but not crazy, hardworking and not hardheaded, patient and passionate – and nice. But most importantly, knowledgeable and reliable. Never settle for less than that.  :o)

What product or service do you recommend?
One service that everyone is so happy they purchased is an Engagement Session!  It is SO much fun for the clients to show off their engagement images, use them for wedding decor, save the date cards, guest books or just printing for themselves. Our Engagement sessions ALWAYS include a DVD of images with copyright release.

Tell a quick story about a client or experience at your business.
I’ll never forget Justin and Bri.  When I arrived at their home for an engagement session, they asked me, “You don’t mind riding around in a 4-wheeler do ya?”  I was THRILLED!  We were able to get to the most perfect little areas, and the session images were so unique and excellent…  What an amazing afternoon!

Are there limits to what you’re willing to photograph?
There is nothing I won’t photograph.  I am very open minded, as my clients often have a wide variety of ideas and visions for their images.  Catering to and exceeding their expectations is my responsibility as a photographer and artist.  I want my clients to feel that they can be completely open and honest about their ideas without fear of being judged or embarrassed in any way.  🙂


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