Beautiful Indian Family

I had the pleasure of photographing an Indian family in their stunning formal wear.  The colors are just spectacular and there's something majestic and respectful about a culture that still takes such pride in their appearance.  I loved this session and their family was so nice!!  We had so much fun! … [Read more...]

Late-Night Anniversary Session!

Tonight, I had a great session with a couple and their beautiful new daughter, Cecelia. We met at the Factory in Franklin after the sun set and had an After-Dark Session! … [Read more...]

Birthday Surprise for my Hubby!

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, my awesome husband Jeff turned 35.  It is also the Anniversary of when we began dating and the Anniversary of Jeff proposing to me.  Every year on September 18th, we do something special, whether it be taking a picnic out to the beautiful field where he proposed or some other equally cool romantic adventure like camping or a trip.  This year was going to be amazing … [Read more...]

Jeff & Hannah

On Sunday, September 18th at 7am, I photographed my best friend and her fiancee... Hannah and I have been inseparable best friends for over 19 years now and she is absolutely my sister. We've watched each other grow up into the women we are now - it was very special to photograph her engagement session.   Jeff is amazing and hilarious and they are genuinely perfect for each other. I couldn't be … [Read more...]

The Proctor Kids

What a fun bunch!  Their parents are calling me when it's time for Senior Pictures  :-) One Hour Portrait Session with 1-6 subjects, 40 - 60 Polished Images, DVD of Images w/ Release: $299 One Hour Portrait Session with 1-6 subjects, 40 - 60 Polished Images, DVD of Images w/ Release: $299 … [Read more...]

The Ploger Family

An awesome family from northern Nashville.  :-) Family portrait session with Sarah Lee: $199 … [Read more...]

Love Handles

So I was just sitting in my home office, drinking my coffee and caught a glimpse of a great photo op!  Of course I was thinking about my hubby who has been gone for 5 weeks promoting in San Francisco and wanted to surprise him with an image!  I'm thinking of doing a whole line of them and calling it, 'Love Handles", HAHA!!  Hilarious. I used my desk lamp for the lighting on … [Read more...]

Total Wallpaper.

One of my very favorite personal images...  I was camping at Mohican State Park in Ohio for the weekend and I was off on one of my random photo adventures in the woods.  I came across a small path lined by tall vines and flowered plants - it was beautiful...  The sun was high in the sky and I really wanted a good solar flare to bring interest to the purples and greens and found a little area.  As … [Read more...]

Goodbye to Finance

In order to get my Minor in Business, I had to take a Personal Finance course.  It was extremely difficult and even painful at times.  It was clear that I was far too left brained to be able to actively engage in these black and white, absolute outcomes and such.  I made a solemn vow to my friend Sara that if I pass this class, my book would find its way into a celebratory bonfire.  And it SOO … [Read more...]

Pittsburgh Miniature

About 3 years ago, I took a trip to Pittsburgh with Jeff, my dear friend Amy and her now fiancee, Dave.  I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and as we neared the highest point in the city, I spotted a bridge that was perfect for my idea.  This bridge is quite large and the sky scrapers next to it were enormous.  I thought it might be fun to give it the opposite effect by making a … [Read more...]