Washington DC

I could never grow tired of trips to Washington DC.  As a veteran, visiting the memorials is always very special to me; particularly the Vietnam Wall, Iwo Jima and the Korean Memorial. The Vietnam Wall is set up brilliantly - ESPECIALLY at night.  You begin at an ankle-height list of names and as the wall grows higher, the horizon slips out of sight, and the names become etched higher than you … [Read more...]

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware This image was taken from the seventh story balcony at One Virginia Avenue.  My great Aunt owns this ocean front condo and was kind enough to have us stay there for our Honeymoon and 1yr Anniversary.  The sunrise is like no other - the waves are low and slow and the dolphins are making their way up the shore to feed for the day...  A spectacular scene...  Purchase this … [Read more...]

Rebecca Ford

Today I'd like to share a portrait of my beautiful cousin, Becca.  I took this in Austin, TX at a small park.  Very harsh sunlight that day...  I just faced the her away from the sun, metered the camera for her hair & used the shoe mount flash on it's lowest setting to give the camera her facial data. … [Read more...]


Isolation:  Technically, not emotionally.  The act of separating the foreground subject from its background for a greater impact.  Emotionally, the stems are OK because they have each other. Like two lovers enjoying a beautiful sunset...  :-)  This image was taken in Ohio at the Norwalk Reservoir on a little hillside near the water's edge.  It was the darkest, most red sunset I think I've ever … [Read more...]

Buckeye Butterfly

A beautiful Ohio Buckeye Butterfly resting only for a moment.... ... Just long enough for me to capture him. Purchase this Print … [Read more...]

Silky Stream

Below is another High Dynamic Range composition of a stream in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The mountain water was so clear and the moss covering the rocks had such an incredible pattern.  Just a beautiful little corner to stumble upon... Purchase this Print … [Read more...]

Pontiac G6 GT

I took my G6 on a little photo shoot.  :-) I don't care that it's not a fancy sports car.  I love this thing. Purchase this Print … [Read more...]

Deer – High Dynamic Range

Recently, my husband and I took a 2-yr Anniversary trip to the Smoky Mountains.  We came across a young buck, and in the Smoky's, you can pretty much walk right up to them.  As I got close, I had Jeff slam the car door from a distance - the deer looked up and froze.  I hurried and took 3 differently exposed images to create an High Dynamic Range composition. Purchase this Print … [Read more...]

Pin Slayers!

My friend Brad Walton, Jeff and I went on a bowling adventure at Strike and Spare Bowling Center. I decided I'd take a sweet photo of the three of us and make a poster out of it.  Below is the result.  :o) … [Read more...]