Letters of Recommendation & Client Comments


From: Brad & Katie Helman

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter provides me the opportunity to recommend Sarah Kniffin Lee for employment as a professional photographer.  As my wedding approached and the arrangements were beginning to unfold, my fiancé and I were uncertain about many finer details of our wedding. Our only certainty at the time was to reserve Sarah as our photographer.

Her work spoke for itself. After seeing only a handful of photos she had gracefully mastered, our decision was affirmed to entrust the capturing of our memories to one of our newly found friend.  As our excitement mounted towards our wedding day, we received the final product of our engagement shoot. We were thrilled! The passion Sarah exerted to provide the highest quality results speaks volumes for her professionalism and commitment.

Our friendship with Sarah continued to grow over the following months as preparations for the wedding were finalized. We remained confident in Sarah’s ability due to her reputation and credentials in the photography business. As the events unfolded on the day of our wedding, Sarah gracefully and discreetly captured every moment of the festivities. She applied her knowledge, equipment, talents, but most of all her creativity to provide the highest possible quality.

My wife and I are always reminded of the greatest wedding gift we received every time we see ourselves on the happiest day of our lives in the most magnificent, visual display of our memories that Sarah masterfully created.


Bradley J. Helman
Katrina M. McDaniel Helman


From: Clint & Karen

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was to have Sarah Lee do the photography for us.  We were impressed with the quality, professionalism, turnaround time, and the disc’s that we got.  Sarah was so easy to work with.  She got the job done without bossing people around and we havemany pictures and poses to choose from.  We chose to get our images on the disc.  It is so nice to havethe disc so that we can print out however many pictures we want and which ones we want withouthaving to go back and contact Sarah every time we need a little something.  She was always availablewhen needed before our big day and went above and beyond what we had expected.  I would highlyrecommend Sarah for any wedding or special event.

Clint & Karen Laux
Bellevue, OH


From: Luke & Angie

To Whom It May Concern;

It is my pleasure to be writing a letter of reference for Sarah Lee.

Sarah was the photographer for my wedding a little over two years ago. She was professional, courteous, and kind. Sarah went above and beyond what we expected of her throughout the entire process. From start to finish, her organization skills were exemplary. At the time she did my wedding, she was also working a full time job. However, no matter what my concern, question or need, she made me feel as though our wedding was the most important thing in the world. The portraits she took were unbelievable. Her ideas and creativity truly stood out. From posing guests for family and group portraits to candid shots, she truly captured every magical moment of our big day.

Since the wedding, I have shown my wedding pictures to dozens of people. Each and every person has been completely amazed at the work that she did for us. Several friends have used her services for their weddings and been equally satisfied with the quality of the pictures and the ease of working with Sarah. She is a truly talented photographer and a pleasure to work with. She made the entire process easy for us and enjoyable.

Sarah comes with my highest recommendations for your photography needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I would be happy to talk with you at your convenience.


Angela B. Weyer


From: Ryan & Lindsay:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Lindsay (Ernsberger) Austin and I had the opportunity to work with Sarah in September of 2008 and May of 2009. I hired her as my photographer for my engagement pictures as well as my wedding pictures because she was highly recommended by a close friend.

At both photo shoots Sarah was very friendly, personable, and professional. She made the photo shoots fun and interesting. I found the experience very pleasant and my husband and I enjoyed working with her! Not to mention, our pictures turned out absolutely beautiful!! Our wedding day is a day we will never forget thanks to the wonderful work of our photographer!


Lindsay Austin


From: Josef & Catherine

To whom it may concern,

It is our pleasure to recommend Sarah Kniffin Lee for any photography endeavor that she is seeking. As her previous client, we were so blessed to be afforded the opportunity to work with a photographer who was both creative and passionate about her profession. Sarah photographed our engagement and wedding pictures in September of 2009. She was professional and flexible. She desired for us to have a wonderful and memorable experience during our photo shoots. Furthermore, our pictures turned out to be of exceptional quality. Because of her work, we have memories that will last a lifetime.

We truly enjoyed working with Sarah and hope that you would consider her for any photography need.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Josef and Catherine Margetiak


From: Mark & Lindsay

“Sarah was exactly what we were looking for…she was energetic and enthusiastic as well as focused and hard-working.  She really took our vision and captured moments and memories that will last us a lifetime!  In the end, we could not have asked for more!”

~Lindsey & Mark Silverwood


From: Justin & Bri

To whom it may concern,

My fiancée and I had an engagement session done recently by Sarah Lee, who will also be photographing our wedding in September, 2011. The thought of an “engagement session” wasn’t going over too well with my fiancée, but the instant that we met Sarah, his attitude changed. He was just as into it as I was, thanks to the comfortable atmosphere and instant connection that Sarah made with us. She did everything that we wanted, yet put her unique spin and creative edge into our ideas. The session was made totally our own and Sarah did a phenomenal job at getting the perfect backdrops and moments of us being us–no posing, no acting. She is without a doubt, the most professional, creative and talented  person I’ve ever met.  Her style of photography is uncanny and something I have not seen in other photographer’s work before. There was not even another option close to Sarah when we were looking for our wedding photographer…her sample photos were incredible and her personality is irreplaceable.

What I really loved about our session was her style of letting us do things that we wanted. Even though she did give us a normal time of a typical session, she was willing to keep on taking pictures well into sundown. That, to me, showed how professional and dedicated she is to her work. Within 2 days, she had all 200+ pictures edited and back to me for approval.  Wherever Sarah ends up in her professional life, there is no doubt that she will do incredible things. Her skills with the camera, mixed with her unique sense of style and the way that she mixes nature into her photography is mind-blowing. I was astounded by our photographs and every other album she has done is beautiful.

I was so lucky to have found Sarah to take pictures for such a memorable moment in my life and I cannot wait until my wedding to see what she will do then! Sarah is truly a remarkable artist with the camera and her personality will brighten anybody’s day and make every session that she captures one that won’t be forgotten.

Past & Future clients,
Brianne Troike (Justin Dority)


*Please feel free to contact any of my references